Data & Insights for your Business

We provide the travel industry with data and insights to help industry strategise for the future.

Our data changes the way businesses understand the how, what, where and why of their customers.

What is the TripTech data platform?

By geofencing each square kilometre of Australia and New Zealand through a unique grid reference, TripTech identifies fluctuations in arrivals, visitation, behaviour and passenger movement in your region of choice.

Our Reports

TripTech builds comprehensive, real-time dashboards and reports on tourist movement and behaviour — powering the industry with actionable insights.

Our data is generated by a unique suite of travel and road trip apps including CamperMate and custom branded apps from the likes of RV brands, accommodation and vehicle hire companies, representing over 1.8m downloads.

A sample of the over 40 insights we can provide for your region

  • Visitation numbers
  • Domestic visitor origins
  • International visitor origins
  • Nights spent in region
  • Entry & exit times
  • Traffic entry & exit points
  • Prior & next regions
  • Overnight locations
  • Dwell time heat map
  • What people are searching for in your region
  • Regional hot spots
  • Up to 3 years of data history

Our Process


Data collection

Our data is generated by our unique suite of travel and road trip apps. With over ~100,000 new and recurring weekly users, we help travellers plan, book and explore everything they need for their trips. This enables us to offer unparalleled insights into visitor economies across Australia and New Zealand.


Data visualisation

Data is collected in real-time and presented in a live portal with 20+ unique reports to provide clients with a deeper understanding of their region and those travelling within. 

Whether you choose 1 region, or multiple, the portal allows you to see performance against other regions with a historical record of over 3 years of data, providing a historical benchmark. 


Actionable Outcomes

Insights generated help our clients to improve visitor experience with targeted in-trip insights, inform infrastructure and development funding with commercial insights, increase the length of stay for travellers in your region and allow you  to make informed decisions that can be measured and validated in your portal. 

How we can help

Improve visitor experience with targeted investment

Mitigate risk with informed decision making

Increase visitation, sales & revenue

Inform marketing strategy & measure performance

Support infrastructure development & funding


Learn more

 Our reports and dashboards enable you to harness real-time visitor insights and build strategies for 2021 and beyond.

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