150,000+ new & recurring monthly users

Our data is generated by our unique suite of travel and road trip apps. With over 150,000 new & recurring monthly users, we offer unparalleled insights into visitor economies.

Real time data for deeper understanding

Data is collected in real-time & delivered to you monthly in a PDF comprising 10+ reports to provide a deeper understanding of your region and the travellers within.

Actionable insights to inform destination marketing plans

The actionable data is used to improve visitor experience, inform infrastructure & development funding, increase length of stay & make informed decisions about your region.

Your region’s traveller data in one place

Our monthly Destination Analytics Report includes visitation, source markets, regional benchmarks, points of interest, search behaviour and more, to equip the tourism industry with the strategies to navigate 2021 and beyond.

Identify who is in your region and where they came from to market to the right audience at the right time.
Understand which points of interest or towns are receiving increased attention to focus your marketing efforts.
Analyse performance outcomes for campaigns in your area to understand where the biggest impacts were made.
Identify new infrastructure and investment opportunities for your region.
Use real-time data to inform your destination management plans and get funding applications approved.

How it works

By geofencing each square kilometre of New Zealand through a unique grid reference we are able to identify fluctuations in arrivals, visitation, behaviour and passenger movement.

Customized Report

Triptech creates a customised report for the regions relevant to your business

YOY data comparison

Your report will include multiple dashboards and historical data

Delivered directly to you

The Destination Analytics Report is shared monthly and emailed directly to your inbox

Regional Comparison

National regional comparisons benchmark your performance against top and bottom regions.

Insights from our data team

The report includes additional insights from our data team relating to your region

Additional dashboards available

Go beyond regional data by adding our freedom camping and road trip dashboards

To learn more about the Destination Analytics Report, schedule a time to talk with us.

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