New Reporting for Business Subscribers on our Apps Provides Visitor Analysis & Marketing Opportunities

The TripTech & CamperMate team have been working hard to upgrade the reporting experience for businesses featured on our apps and are excited to announce new reporting is finally here.

What is the new CamperMate & TripTech suite of apps reporting tool?

The new report provides a significant upgrade to the previous GeoZone reports, with interactive, real-time statistics on traveller behaviour in and around a businesses area.

Where can I find the new reports?

When logging into GeoZone here business (with a paid subscription on CamperMate or any of the apps in our travel app network) will automatically have access to the new reporting under the ‘my reports’’ tab.

Who has access to the new reporting?

Any park, experience or business with a paid CamperMate subscription or subscription to other apps in our suite of apps.

What’s new with the new reporting dashboard?

In addition to the dashboard’s ease of use and interactive functionality, businesses will now be able to access the following data:

1. Interactive Real-Time Reporting Charts

Scroll cursor over charts to view up to date searches and profile views in real-time.

TIP: Businesses can use the profile views and search data to understand what months and times of day travellers are searching for their business and their region.

2. Profile leads, interactions and conversions by source

The ‘profile leads’ tab highlights leads by source (for example, directions, website link, call or social link).

TIP: Businesses can use the profile leads tab to understand which sources drive the most traffic for their business.

3. Activity Cluster Map

The activity cluster map highlights where travellers are in relation to a business which provides subscribers with the opportunity to understand when travellers are in their area.
TIP: Use the cluster map to understand when travellers are near you and most active to push out timely deals and offers.
This is just a handful of the new features available in our upgraded reporting.

For businesses in Australia not already subscribed click here for more information about accessing all the benefits of paid subscription membership on our app platforms.

For New Zealand businesses click here to access our New Zealand plans.

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