TripTech Announces New Travel & Tourism Data Product – The Destination Analytics Report

SYDNEY, Australia – 21 September, 2021 – TripTech today announced the release of a new tourism data product – the Destination Analytics Report. The report provides the Australian and New Zealand tourism industry with a customised visitor review for the regions relevant to their business, delivered monthly via email. 

Comprised of data summaries and visualisations, the all-in-one report brings together the most up-to-date localised data for tourism regions and their stakeholders and includes analysis from TripTech’s data team. Businesses are using this data to inform decision making, improve visitor experience, assist with destination management planning, support infrastructure submissions and grant proposals and much more.

TripTech COO Matt Johnson said “destination management planning requires real-time data and actionable insights to inform strategy, planning and to measure success and the report is designed to be an all-in-one framework to support tourism regions and councils with that complex planning process.”

Much of the tourism data available today is too broad and reliant on passenger surveys or transaction data. TripTech data is not reliant on spending or on assumptions. Anonymised data across the TripTech app platform represents actual visits & passenger searches and actions.

Many tourism regions, councils and trade departments have already begun using TripTech’s real-time data to inform their decision making. Rob Dougan, Executive General Manager, Strategy & Research for Tourism Australia said “we partnered with TripTech in 2020 to use their data to assist in identifying fluctuations in arrivals, visitation, behaviour and passenger movement of the visitor economy for the domestic road tripping market. The data and insights allowed us to strategize on campaign direction and annual planning.”

TripTech data is generated by a unique suite of travel and road trip apps. With over 150,000 new & recurring monthly active users and 3.5 million monthly map engagements, TripTech offers detailed insights into visitor economies and the travellers within. 

The Destination Analytics Report includes a customised analysis of visitation by region or state, interstate movements, regional and council travel patterns and engagement with experiences (points of interest) along the route. The report is emailed on a monthly basis and includes historical data for YOY analysis.To learn more about the Destination Analytics Report click here.

About TripTech: TripTech (a THL company) is a travel technology company operating across Australia and New Zealand. Our apps include CamperMate and custom branded travel apps in multiple categories. These assets connect businesses to travellers to plan and book in-trip and the data generated enables comprehensive, real-time dashboards and reports on tourist movement. This powerful combination arms the industry with access to new audiences and real-time data on their travel patterns and behaviour.

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