TripTech Announces Summer Report on the In-Trip Behaviours of the Domestic Traveller & the Evolution of the Australian Road Trip

SYDNEY, Australia – 20 March 2021 – TripTech today announced the release of The Summer Report, revealing the Australian Independent Traveller’s behaviours and travel patterns over summer 2020/21 YOY. 

The report highlights the domestic market’s contribution to the recovery of tourism with a 43% increase in TripTech app engagement over summer (Dec 2020 – Jan 2021) compared to the previous year. 

TripTech & CamperMate CEO Nick Baker said “the analysis of the unique pre and in-trip behaviour of the domestic market pinpoints exactly where domestic travellers have stepped up to fill the gap left by international travellers, what regions have benefited and those that have been hardest hit by the pandemic.”

By geofencing each square kilometre of Australia through a unique grid reference, TripTech analyses fluctuations in arrivals, visitation, behaviour, points of interest and passenger movement, combined with in-app search and keyword trends.

With 150,000 monthly active users and 3.5 million monthly map engagements, the report includes an analysis of visitation by state, interstate movements, regional and council travel patterns and engagement with experiences along the route. ‘Wineries & breweries’ and ‘walks and trails’ were among the experiences with the highest engagement rates.

Using TripTech’s road trip dashboards commissioned by Tourism Australia to monitor patterns over summer, there was strong evidence in the decline of iconic, internationally recognised road trips and a renewed interest for regional getaways in South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia.

Commenting on the report, Nick Baker said “this report is the first in our Industry Intelligence Series to publish insights on passenger movement prior to, and throughout the course of the pandemic. Our technology dashboards and heat maps provide tourism operators with a 360 degree view of the independent traveller and opportunities for promotion to the domestic market this year.”

The report is available for download starting today at

About TripTech: TripTech (a THL & Jayco, Inc. company) is a travel technology company operating across Australia and New Zealand. Our apps include CamperMate and custom branded travel apps in multiple categories. These assets connect businesses to travellers to plan and book in-trip and the data generated enables comprehensive, real-time dashboards and reports on tourist movement. This powerful combination arms the industry with access to new audiences and real-time data on their travel patterns and behaviour. 

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